Q: Where is your company located?
A: Alberta Rig Mats Inc. is located in New Sarepta, Alberta, Canada and Alberta Rig Mats USA is located in Cochranton, Pennsylvania, USA. Both plants use the same matting design and patents.
We also have good standing affiliations with many rental companies throughout Alberta and Western Canada. We believe in building relationships with our preferred rental companies, and refer rental inquiries to the rental companies who purchase rig mats through us. Call us for rig mats in your area.

Q: What is the company’s history?
A: The founder of our company, Peter Relland, has over 50 years of experience starting in the late 1960’s where much of his work was in repairing poorly designed rig mats. Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s he owned and operated a Nisku welding shop; building oilfield structures and offering welding services for rigs in the Oil and Gas sector. From the late 90’s onward, he decided to concentrate solely on building a better rig mat based on his experience in the field.

Q: Is your company expanding any of its operations or locations?
A: With Alberta Rig Mats USA, we’ve gained broader access to the US and world markets. They are licensed to build our mat frames and can provide matting with various eastern hardwoods and softwoods. They also have a heat treating processing plant ensuring phytosanitary and environmental compliance for exports. This partnership enables Alberta Rig Mats Inc. to be a key rig mat provider of choice for multinational companies.

Q: What is your company’s edge over the competition?
A: Our rig mat patents in Canada and the USA safeguard our frame and no other matting company can build their mats using the same methodology. This leaves us the exclusivity of being the strongest and safest steel frame for wood inserted mats of its kind.

Q: What wood do you recommend to be used in your mats?
A: The industry standard is Grade 2 SPF (Spruce-Pine-Fir). A mat wholly comprised of Douglas-Fir is longer lasting and more resilient than SPF. Western Larch is another long lasting solution which rates higher in rot and insect resistance than both SPF and FIR. We can supply several species of wood for matting. We also sell wood inserts, adding longevity to an already long lasting mat.

Compression perpendicular to grain
(lbs/cu. ft)

Q: What are the strength comparison between three beam and four beam mats?

Mat SizeBeam StyleLoad Capacity
8’ X 20’3 beam Rig Matapprox. 36000 lbs/sqft
8’ X 20’4 beam Rig Matapprox. 46000 lbs/sqft
8’ X 40’3 beam Rig Matapprox. 36000 lbs/sqft
8’ X 40’4 beam Rig Matapprox. 46000 lbs/sqft

Q: What makes your rig mats stand out from others on the market?
A: In particular, 6 very important aspects: principle, design, workmanship, our wood, inventory and price. We’re a family-run business built on principle; we stand behind our patented design features that make our rig mats stronger while retaining some flexibility. Our welders are true craftsmen with a keen eye for detail. We mill our own wood for perfect pack; we work hard to keep readily available inventory. Years tweaking our efficient production methods enable us to keep our prices lower than those of competitors. So in short, all the things that count most are Alberta Rig Mat advantages.

Q: What type of customizations can I get on a mat?
A: Common customizations include varied widths and lengths, sandblasting, painted, alternate wood choices, mouse and/or rat holes, ramps, grating, serial numbers, etc.

Q: What is your turnaround time for orders?
A: At Alberta Rig Mats, we maintain a moderate inventory of industry-standard sizes, enabling us to fulfill orders quickly and often on demand. For large quantity or custom orders, our manufacturing and design teams are among the most experienced and efficient in the rig mat industry. Our ability to deliver quickly and on time is a major Alberta Rig Mats strength.