We’re Principle-Driven. Alberta Rig Mats is a family-run company with values you’ll appreciate. We operate our business according to principles that are meaningful to us, treating customer relationships as long-term partnerships that are worth nurturing. So providing the highest quality product is important, at a price that makes its value unbeatable.

Patented, Proprietary Technologies. Our patented technologies mean that we build mats in innovative ways that cannot be copied. Our ARM CROSS MEMBERS™ crossmember design protects rail-to-crossmember welds from stress and strengthens the rig mat, while allowing for the frame flexibility necessary in order to have memory.

Assembled Right, by Craftsmen. Our experienced welding staff are exceptional people and do exceptional work. The Alberta Rig Mats crew diligently hand-assembles each rig mat frame, using a specialized technique for deep penetrating welds. You need to examine the high quality of their welds to fully appreciate the level of craftsmanship that goes into every detail.

Better Wood, Better Mats. Alberta Rig Mats has built solid relationships with select lumber mills to ensure consistency and dependability of supply, and have developed our own distinct high quality grade of Spruce/Pine/Fir (SPF) wood inserts. Milling our own wood enables an extra level of refinement, inspection and quality assurance.

Quality is in the Details. That’s the way it is at Alberta Rig Mats. We believe that every detail on every rig mat is essential in providing a product that lasts longer and performs better than any other. When you choose Alberta Rig Mats, you are recognizing that the details do matter. It’s a decision you can make with confidence.